Exercises for stress relief

Stress, which is the “root of all diseases,” is more important to “manage it” than “how not to take it”.

Emotions trapped psychologically due to stress can be relieved naturally through physical activity, so let's manage them effectively through yoga, meditation, or active sports.

Manage stress effectively:

It is already known that physical exercise promotes mental health as well as physical health. Studies have shown that stress causes arousal, which keeps you in a state of mental alertness. Breathing can become rough and the heart rate can rise, which can lead to an increase in blood pressure. It is also known to have a negative effect on the metabolism of the human body.

On the other hand, exercise, regardless of its form or type, helps relieve stress. Various clinical studies have reported that exercise helps to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Research shows that exercise improves the function of certain proteins in the human brain. When you exercise regularly, the brain activates the synthesis of 'serotonin' and increases the secretion of 'beta endorphin', which enhances happiness.

In particular, serotonin, well known as the happiness hormone, helps relieve stress and depression. According to the Pakistan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abdominal breathing, meditation, and tension-relaxation exercises in each part of the body are also effective in managing stress.

Exercise for stress relief:

  1. If you have not exercised in a long time or have health concerns, it may be helpful to consult a sports medicine specialist.
  2. It is recommended that you do enough walking exercise before running. By starting a walking exercise, you can gradually raise your fitness level. If you do high-intensity exercise from the beginning, your body may become overloaded and there is a risk of injury.
  3. Start with some aerobic exercises, these are good for stress reduction, easy to perform, easy to manage, and have a lot of benefits with regard to mental and physical health.
  4. It is good to do an exercise that you like. Exercise, in any form or type, is said to help relieve stress. But the most important thing is to get motivated by doing the exercises you love and enjoy.
  5. It is good to schedule exercise just like an important appointment. You should not only schedule appointments or dinners with friends but also include exercise in your schedule and take care of yourself so that you can do it regularly.
  6. I suggest you go out with friends. Recognizing that someone is waiting for you and wants to be with you is a great way to relieve stress. Practicing and competing with colleagues, friends, and family will give you motivation.

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