- 1 box of white cake mix

- 1 cup of milk

- 1/2 cup of creme de menthe liqueur

- 1/4 cup of creme de cacao liqueur

- Green food coloring

- Whipped cream for topping

St Patricks Day Recipes - Grasshopper Cake


1. Prepare the cake mix as per package instructions.

2. Once baked and cooled, poke holes in the cake with a fork.

3. Mix together the milk, creme de menthe, and creme de cacao.

4. Pour the mixture over the cake and let it soak in.

5. Add green food coloring to whipped cream and spread it over the top of the cake.

6. Chill in the refrigerator before serving. Enjoy your Grasshopper Cake!

1. What is a Grasshopper Cake?

A Grasshopper Cake is a delicious dessert made with layers of chocolate cake, mint-flavored whipped cream, and chocolate ganache.

2. Is this recipe difficult to make?

While it may seem complex, our Grasshopper Cake recipe is actually quite simple and easy to follow.

3. Can I make substitutions for ingredients in the Grasshopper Cake recipe?

Yes, you can make substitutions based on your dietary preferences or ingredient availability. However, they may slightly alter the taste and texture of the cake.

4. How far in advance can I prepare the Grasshopper Cake?

The Grasshopper Cake can be prepared a day in advance and stored in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve it.

5. Can I freeze leftovers of the Grasshopper Cake?

Yes, you can freeze any leftover portions of the Grasshopper Cake for up to 1 month. Just make sure to wrap it tightly to prevent freezer burn.

6. Are there any tips for decorating the Grasshopper Cake?

You can decorate the Grasshopper Cake with fresh mint leaves, chocolate shavings, or even green sprinkles for a festive St Patrick's Day touch.

7. Can I adjust the level of mint flavor in the Grasshopper Cake?

Yes, you can adjust the amount of mint extract used in the recipe to suit your personal preference for mint flavor.

8. Can I make individual servings of Grasshopper Cake instead of a whole cake?

Absolutely! You can easily assemble individual servings by layering the cake, whipped cream, and ganache in small jars or glasses for a fun twist on presentation.

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